Flowers – Hand Made

Our hand made silk flowers are imitations or artificial recreations of natural flowering plants. In this day and age the skill of silk flower manufacturers has evolved to such an extent that we would challenge you to tell the difference. The secret is in the thickness of the material used to make the artificial flowers and in the skill of the artisan crafting the artificial silk flower. The finer the thread used to weave the artificial flower the more authentic the finished look will be. To be a brilliant imitation of a real flower, an artificial hand made silk flower has to match the real thing in colour and texture, so in the majority of cases, the smoother the fabric the more authentic the silk flower will look. Therefore what better material to deliver these qualities than silk itself?





Many artificial flowers these days are not made from silk at all but from various plastic or nylon compounds but they don’t look quite as good as silk flowers. However, they do tend to be cheaper in price. So make sure when looking to buy “silk flowers” you are getting the real thing.

Of course artificial hand made silk flowers do not require the same amount of maintenance as real flowers. For example they do not need to be fed and watered but they do need to be dusted! Remember the days when your Granny had a vase of artificial flowers in the corner of her living room and all they did was gather dust? You may well laugh but a common mistake with silk flowers is that they are left out on display and look fantastic for the first few weeks until the dust settles.

Real flowers do not gather dust in the same way as silk flowers or they die and need to be replaced before they can accumulate significant layers of dust. So make sure you do dust off your silk flowers, using a light feather duster or very small brush, or even a hair dryer (on cool setting of course) to blow the dust away and they will continue to look fantastic for months; even years.

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Lovely in Silk – we challenge you to tell the difference