Funeral Flowers

Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult. As florists of distinction offering Funeral Flowers for over 30 years, we understand what it takes to create the perfect floral remembrance to express your sincere condolences. We are able to advise on the various floral options available and are always willing to make suggestions as to what may be suitable for the occasion. However, we also understand that in many circumstances our clients may not be in the strongest frame of mind to be dealing with organising flowers. We, therefore, aim to make the discussion and arrangement of flowers as easy and as painless as possible for you. Just tell us the sort of thing you have in mind and your ideal budget and we will advise on the most suitable arrangement.

Funeral Flowers - Sheaths and Sprays


Funeral Flowers - Special Tribute Floral Arrangements


Funeral Flowers - Coffin Sprays


Funeral Flowers - Wreaths and Pillows



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